To ERP or not to ERP?

I often get asked the question by growing businesses: should we move to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution? To answer this question, we first need to understand wat ERP is, ERP is not a specific software solution, but rather a way in which software is deployed to support business processes relating to Accounting or Finance, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship management.

There are basically two deployment types to choose from, namely: Single Solution or Best-of-Breed solutions. So, let’s unpack these two quickly.

Single Solution – is exactly that, one solution supporting all your business processes.

Best-of-Breed – is where you use specialist solutions for each area and then integrate them to enable and support all your business processes as one solution.

Given the above, I must mention that in the past integration between solutions was complex, costly and at best unstable, as solutions develop and understandably that they can’t always be everything for everyone, we are seeing massive improvements in this space which makes the Best-of-Bread option more attractive.

I truly believe in the power of technology and advise businesses to rather start changing their question to; which type of deployment should I choose, Single Solution ERP or Best-of-Breed ERP?
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