My Conviction

Business as a Tool (BaaT)
I believe that when a business is built on a vision to solve one or more of the world's problems on a for-profit basis,we create sustainable solutions to these problems.

My Mission

To invest my time, money, experience, relationships and opportunities in a network of purpose-driven leaders and businesses.

My Vision

To create a network of purpose driven businesses that share my beliefs.

My Calling

To inspire leaders and businesses to solve the world's problems through BaaT.

My Beliefs

Leadership can be part of the solution or the problem.

I believe that a leader who does not develop and grow continuously eventually becomes part of the problem.

Money or profit is the result, not the purpose.

I believe that money or profit is like food, water and oxygen - critical for life, but not the purpose of life.

Change is one of the only constants in life.

I believe that change is a constant which is critical for continuous improvement. I fully agree with Winston Churchill who said: "The improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

We don't make money.

We (people or businesses) don't make money; it is the government's job to make money. We earn money. And to earn money you must create value worth paying for.

Technology is an enabler.

I believe that technology is a critical tool to enable your business' vision and strategy. If you don't consider using technology as an enabler in your business, it might not be around for long.

Relationships should be win-win.

Because I believe in win-win relationships, it means that I walk away from those that are not.

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